We use Cosmed peels on clients & also train clinicians in chemical peels. Regular chemical peels will hydrate skin, freshen the face and overall appearance of your skin. CosMed peels target uneven skin tone whilst diminishing dark circles around the eyes. Chemical peels involve removing the dead skin layer from the face, taking off dead skin cells which will brighten the tone of the face and reduce marks and scarring, making these peels great for those who suffer from acne. After a peel the face may be slightly red, but minimal downtime and the redness should clear after 2-3 hours.

You can expect to start peeling 2-3 days after the peel, however not everyone will peel! This does NOT mean the peel hasn't worked. Some people require 2-3 peel treatments before they will start to shred skin. This is completely normal therefore we do recommend a course of 3 peels to complete the treatment. We offer different peels depending on your skin condition, tone and desired outcomes, this will be discussed during your initial consultation. 

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