Plasma fibroblast is non-surgical skin tightening, known for the 'non-surgical tummy tuck' and 'non-surgical eye lift'. A small sterile plasma probe places various grid points onto the skin, the energy produced by these grid points can reduce excess skin making the skin look visibly tightened instantly. 

- No scarring 

- Tiny dots will stay on the treated area for 2-3 weeks depending on treatment area. 

- You may experience discomfort whilst undergoing this treatment.

- Immediate results.

- Treatment will take around one hour depending on treatment area. 

- Areas we can treat include; frown lines, upper eyelids, un even skin caused by pigmentation or scarring, loose skin, wrinkles and we can even remove skin tags on the face and body. 

Professional Advanced Aesthetics Nurse with extensive knowledge of the industry Based around the UK and West Midlands.

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