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FIBROBLAST - Plasma Pen Treatment



This amazing new innovative non-invasive treatment is in demand as we tighten skin to the next level. Fibroblast is a safe, rapid and effective alternative to surgery. Microdots covering the area we want to treat will ensure we are stimulating collagen and improving the skin texture and toning. It has been proven to improve the skin atrophy, improves scars and stretch marks, visible pore improvement, antibacterial benefits, improves visible pores, optimal cell function and can be used for treating acne, resurfacing, pigmentation, skin tag removal, warts and verruca’s. 
The aim is to leave the micro Dotson for a week when they will naturally drop off and the results then will improve weekly over 12 weeks until the collagen has matured, The main rule is to keep clean and dry after the procedure until the dots have dropped off, the down time is a week and for the first 2 – 3 weeks after you will be swollen and red and after this has settled the dots will get darker and darker until the drop off naturally, This is a time you may need to allow from any important event. Most areas need 1 – 2 treatments depending on results after 12 weeks. If a second treatment is required it will be after 12 weeks of initial treatment to allow time for the area to heal and optimal results with collagen and elastin production. 
Minimal risks as natural healing and no product involvement, the only real after care is clean and dry

The results should last 3 – 5 years as we age. 

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