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This course covers B12 deficiency, diagnosis, treatment and management. It also covers signs and symptoms of pernicious anaemia. We check the inclusion and exclusion criteria and identification of the appropriate patients. Students will get the opportunity to perform live practice with hands-on practical demonstrations of how to give b12 injections correctly and safely. We will cover administration techniques, where to give the injections. We will discuss role and responsibilities and contraindications and precautions. This course is very interactive.

  • What is B12

  • Describe the signs and symptoms of pernicious anaemia

  • Describe pernicious anaemia and its impact on patients

  • Fully understand the principles, and practice B12 deficiency and B12 injections

  • Describe why people require B12 injections

  • Demonstrate how to correctly dispose of waste

  • Demonstrate correct infection control procedures and the use of PPE

  • Describe when patients require a referral and understand the importance of referral using correct clinical pathways

  • Understand the need for correct prescribing procedures

  • Blood- function

  • B12 Deficiency

  • Causes of B12 deficiency

  • B12 injections and common side effects

  • Maintenance & aftercare

  • Tutor demo of B12 injection set up and treatment

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